We're a sociable bunch at Climb Creative but we also love our quiet time. Here's a list of blogs and websites we frequent for inspiration and advice.



Web Design Ledger

WDL is a creative web designer's blog featuring articles about inspiration, tips, tools and resources. Posts are regular and will help most web-based creatives including advice on copy and SEO to the latest Wordpress themes.


Minimally Minimal

Andrew Kim is a Canadian based product and visual designer. He shot to 'fame' in this community when he produced a re-brand of Microsoft which caught the attention of global commentators.

His blog is jam packed with design inspiration and you'll be hard pushed to find more thorough, beautifully presented product reviews on the web. This is a must for your bookmark bar.



Recently updated (2014), the Beautiful Pixels website features consistently updated reviews of apps and websites for all platforms. Their reviews will introduce you new apps that not only function well but look beautiful.


Phlearn - Photoshop Tutorials

I can say with honest conviction that within 4 weeks of consistently watching Phlearn video tutorials on YouTube my Photoshop skill level increased by 200%. 

Their website is beautiful but it's their content that will keep you coming back. Aaron Nace's fresh and approachable on-camera style strikes that fine balance between quick-fire tutorial progress and explaining why and how he chooses to edit in the ways he does.

If you use Photoshop you need to subscribe to their channel for their daily Photoshop videos now. Go on then... do it. Now!


House of Buttons

House of Buttons is a Tumblr blog jam-packed with web and application button inspiration.

Everyone needs some button inspiration in their life, right?

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