As some of you know I also work with accounting solutions and ERP software. Speaking with businesses about their problems, how we can solve them and the importance of personnel in this process is something we touch on every day.

If you’re working for a business who are looking at putting in a new business management system or accounting system, then now is your time to shine! 


It’s one of the toughest, most complex undertaking any business will consider. Having you on-board as a thought leader, positive thinker and manager of change will give many advantages both personally and professionally. Here are 5  reasons to embrace the change: 

1.     You finally get to change those processes you’ve hated for so long

Getting your hands dirty and being a member of the team who manages the changeover will inevitably give you more say and power. If there’s something the business has done for a long time that you’ve been pushing to change then being involved in new proves mapping and a new system gives you leverage and influence over new processes. Make the most of this by being part of the team!

2.     Prove how indispensable you are to your business

Very rarely does an opportunity like this arise. Picture the scene:

You’re in a meeting with your boss and managers deciding on a new process in the new system. You’ve finally got a voice, you’re being listened to and you can answer questions proving your knowledge and experience is invaluable. Think of it as a way to show off and spend some quality time with those who can shape your career and time at that business. Remember though, nobody likes a know-it-all. Be humble, factual and respectful of the opinions of others.

3.     Stand out by being the one who embraces the change

We’ve all been there. A new process gets announced or a change to something in the business is communicated by your boss. You look around the room and your eyes are immediately drawn towards those who have their arms folded, are looking out of the window, rolling their eyes or appear disinterested.

Now is your time to shine and be receptive to the change. Managers are drawn towards those who agree. It’s human nature to seek acceptance so be open and adaptable. Accept the proposed process change and let your attitude do the talking.

4.     Getting involved = Getting your own way

If there’s 1 sure-fire way of not getting your own way, it’s not being asked.

When implementing a new business management system or accounting package there will be a committee or or change-management team so do everything you can to be involved. Make the most of being asked questions like “Should this screen do ‘xyz’ or ‘abc’?”- if you want your own way then make sure you have a say!

5.     Add “change management” and “system implementations” to your CV

Businesses and prospective employers look for people who embrace change and understand the importance of processes within a business.

If you’re involved in the implementation of the new system, then you’ll learn valuable skills and be exposed to how a business successfully manages itself. This is a highly desirable attribute whether you’re looking for internal promotion or a completely new job.